Buea Council holds it’s 2023 administrative, management and stores management accounts.

The first ordinary session of the Buea Council for the 2023 financial year meant to examine and adopt the Administrative, Management and Stores Management Account for the 2022 Financial year, held at the Chambers of the Buea Council on March 30th 2023, auspices of the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Mr CHAIBOU, political, Religious, Traditional […]

Press release

Greetings Citizens of Buea, Today I have a heavy heart as I address the aftermath of the severe incident that struck our beloved Legendary City yesterday. The rain of yesterday, which resulted to flash-fload caused extensive damage to property and, tragically, claimed two lives and, four have being declared stable by the competence authorities of […]

International Women’s Day Celebration in Buea

The Buea Council women joined the rest of the nation to celebrate the 38th Edition of the International Women’s Day on the 08th of March 2023, organized under the theme: “For an Inclusive digital World; Innovation and Technology for Gender equality”. The ceremony was presided over by the Governor of the South West Region H.E […]

A visit of the Bagangte People to the Lord Mayor

Today Thursday 09 march 2023, the Landlord of Buea, the City of Legendary Hospitality Mayor David Mafani Namange Esq, received in audience a powerful delegation from Bagangte in West Region led by the Paramount Fon of Bagangte. The delegation was comprised of Senior notables and advisers of the Fondom as well as elites, sons and […]