The Buea Council under the stewardship of Mayor David Mafani Namange Esq, once more stood up to the electoral promise made during their campaign to office.

Tuesday 31st October 2023, was an opportunity for members of the community to evaluate the achievements of the management of the Buea Council from the year 2021 to 2023. This evaluation took place at the third edition of the Town Hall meeting. This event brought together sons and daughters of Buea as well as people from all walks of life to wit; Traditional Rulers, experienced public administrators, businessmen, leaders of civil society organizations. The Town Hall meeting was an opportunity for members of the public to frankly discuss and exchange views on issues related to the welfare of the Buea Municipality so as to permit both parties to be on the same page as far as issues of the municipality are concerned. It was time for the Council’s management to present a balance sheet of activities carried out within the municipality.

A resume was made on both Council funded projects and Public Investment Budget (BIP) projects. The projects executed ranged from road projects, Education, Social, water and energy etc.

In the domain of road infrastructure mention was made on the concreting and building of gutters from the Slaughters house Buea Town to Wonya-Mongo with 100% rate of execution,

The rehabilitation of the road from Bocom Mile 16 to Eta’s Palace residence. Rate of execution 70%.

The Rehabilitation of road the from Mapanja to Bonjongo 2567ml. Rate of execution,95%.

Construction of a fence at the Women Empowerment Center Buea. Rate of execution 100%.

Rehabilitation of some Primary Schools in the municipality: GS Buea Town I, GS Bokwaongo, GS Bolifamba. Rate of execution 100%

Rehabilitation of some literacy centers: Bakweri Women and Daughters of vision (BAWODVIS), WEYOKOWELI association Buea. Rate of execution 100%.

Renovation of the Bonjongo Customary Court Hall. Rate of execution 100%

Boreholes were also constructed within the municipality in the neighborhoods of Molyko, Great Soppo, Muea, Buea Town, Mile 17 etc. Meanwhile, water catchments were also constructed in Buea Town, Maumu. Works are ongoing in Sasse catchment that will supply the entire Bojongo Court Area is at 85% execution rate.

For better planning and execution projects, the outdated Council Developmental Plan (CDP) of the Buea Council was reviewed.    

The balance sheet showed an execution rate of 80% of projects realization. In addition, more than 60% of the inherited debts have been paid to Taxation, CNPS etc…


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