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Councillors of the Buea Council have adopted the 2018 Administrative, Management and Stores Management Accounts of the Buea Council. This exercise was carried out during the First Ordinary Session of the Buea Council, which featured amongst other things, presentations from the National Civil Status Registration as well as Programme De Developement Integrè Communautaire De L'atlantique (PDICA). Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge in the course of the session, was handed an Honorary Award (Fleche Press Award) by the Pan-African Press with headquarters in Brazzaville,Congo. The award as explained by Mr. Hervè Villaro Kibong, is as a result of the Mayor's persistent fight in alleviating poverty and unemployment having more than 300 worker's on the Council's payroll, not leaving out his unmatched spirit of patriotism and dynamism.

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